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Gulf Coast Zoo and the Beach

While staying in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we’ve visited the little Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo more than a few times.  It is conveniently located only blocks away from our RV park and the kids enjoy feeding the animals (you can purchase food for $2 per cup to feed certain Read the rest of this entry »

Barber Marina


Our friends, Kip and Brian, took the kids and me to the Barber Marina today, a favorite destination of theirs.  The road to the marina offered a quiet drive through stretches of Read the rest of this entry »

Dauphin Island

In December, we took the Mobile Bay Ferry from Fort Morgan to Dauphin Island, even spotting a few dolphins along the way.

Read the rest of this entry »

Roof Repairs, Dodging a Storm, & Exploring Fairhope

We’ve been staying in Gulf Shores, Alabama since mid-November, but we had to uproot ourselves and take our fifth wheel in for roof repairs on Monday, January 2.  We had discovered a roof leak after a heavy rain storm and it required more than a quick fix. Packing up and moving our home is a hassle.  Everything must be put away and secured for the drive (basically, it must be made earthquake-proof for bouncing down the road).  The stools must be stowed, toys put into bins, countertops cleared, bikes stored, coffee mugs wrapped, slides pulled in, tire covers folded away, and so on.

Only a few hours after we left town and dropped off our RV at the repair shop, a violent storm unexpectedly came through Gulf Shores.  By the time it hit, we were safe and cozy in Read the rest of this entry »

Thank You 2016

Today, we ended the year with a peaceful family walk in Gulf State Park.  The air smelled of fresh vegetation and ocean breezes.  We listened to birds chirping, paused at the still water to observe the sights and sounds, and even saw an alligator emerging from the tall grasses next to the trail (which made my daughter squeal and run away). I smiled as I watched my kids hold hands, I felt grateful for my loving husband, and I appreciated this whole experience.  The walk was a simple yet satisfying way to tie up the year.  2016 has been life-changing and wonderful.  We started January by buying a fifth wheel, uncertain about our future plans, and are finishing the year living out a dream.  Through all of the ups and downs, I feel blessed.  I’ve learned that pushing past fear and jumping into the unknown far surpasses holding tight to the illusion of a safe life.  Be willing to fail.  Take risks.  Follow your bliss.  Say no to regret and see what unfolds.

Beach Moments


I love this photo of me with the kids because it captures a moment of pure silliness. I was giggling trying to take this photo while the wind whipped my hair around and the Read the rest of this entry »

Morning Walk, Gulf Shores

While my family slept,  I slipped out for an early walk.  Once out the door, I was met with the morning fog, smelling strongly of the sea.  Here are some images from my stroll down to the beach and back.

Tiny Christmas Tree

We found a cute Christmas tree the perfect size for an RV.  It even came with a mini string of lights.  You’d think we were getting a full-size tree based on how excited the kids were to get it home and decorate.  Here is more proof that simplicity doesn’t trump joy.

USS Alabama

We visited the USS Alabama battleship and the USS Drum submarine in Mobile, Alabama.  We went on a self-guided tour through the ship.  I was impressed with the size of the ship, its maze of rooms and corridors, and the effort it would have taken to keep everything running in wartime.  Many rooms are set up as they would have looked during the 1940s.  We all enjoyed our visit.  I suggest you wear good walking shoes and be prepared to get exercise going up and down narrow staircases.  The day happened to be our wedding anniversary.

Going South

We did it!  On the morning of November 13, we awoke early and scampered around the house, collecting our remaining belongings to pack into the RV.  It took longer than anticipated, but thankfully our friend, Connor, offered his help.  We drove south, saying goodbye to Denver.

We drove south through Colorado and into New Mexico.  The scenery in New Mexico was beautiful – the many layers of colored earth paired with various grasses would have Read the rest of this entry »

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