Simple Sweet Mornings


Starting my Sunday morning by rereading “A Day in the Life of a Minimalist” on my Kindle and enjoying coffee from my favorite “Replenish” mug

I love the mornings and I always have.  I am often the first to wake in my house.  Some days, I throw on a jacket and go for a quiet stroll.  Other days, I rise early, slip into the kitchen to make coffee, and settle down to read.  I embrace the solitude I’ve carved out for myself.  I enjoy knowing most of the neighborhood is still sound asleep as I cradle my warm coffee mug.   Each day, I look forward to spending time with my own thoughts and a good book.  I wake with a purpose.  Peace begins my day.  Soon, my son awakes, finds me, and gives me my morning hugs.  I smile and tell him, “we are the early birds”.  He smiles back, knowing this time is special.  My mornings are simple but quite dear to me.