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Nature Study on the Gulf

The kids and I ventured down to the beach this morning with sketchbooks and pencils for a bit of nature study.  My son drew a clump of seaweed (with a fly on it), my daughter sketched seashells, and I did quick studies of the sea birds.  Keeping a nature study notebook (an idea gleaned from the wisdom of Charlotte Mason) is such a delight.  I love watching my children quietly observe the natural world around them and record their findings in their notebooks.

Be the Light

A smile or a kind word can make all the difference for someone whose day needs brightening, so shine on!


Empty Yourself

I saw this gem of a quote on one of my Yogi Tea bags recently.  I loved it so much, I had to put it into a watercolor painting and spread the inspiration along.  Enjoy!


Follow Your Bliss

Here’s a little inspiration and a splash of color to brighten your day…


Summer Fairy Dwellings

This summer, I’ve made time for creating more fairy dwellings.  My kids made their own collections of fairy homes as well.  It is amazing how 10 hours can disappear as I glue bits of moss, cut and measure twigs, and sort through my bark collection for just the right piece.  I make a glorious mess.  My apron becomes speckled with stems, moss-covered blobs of glue, wire clippings, and perhaps even fairy dust.  I stay up late creating and can’t wait to wake up early and begin working again.  Here are photos of what keeps bringing me joy no matter how old I get.

Slowing Down Each Day


This afternoon, while my son took a nap and my daughter read quietly in her room, I pulled out my needle felting supplies.  By the way, we’ve kept nap time a routine since my daughter was a baby.  She’s nine years old now.  I love our afternoon quiet time and hope to never outgrow it.  I find it necessary to make time for relaxing.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I nap, and sometimes I create.  Today, I chose to needle felt, which is an activity I find very soothing to the soul.  You can’t rush forming the wool one needle poke at a time.  Needle felting is a slow, but intuitive, gentle process.  It is an activity which requires me to calm my body and quiet my mind…to be present, yet playful.  One item I finished was a wee little creation made from a broken walnut shell, Read the rest of this entry »

Encouraging Words in Art

I’ve been keeping myself busy painting in preparation for the upcoming Horseshoe Market on July 12th.  Being that I like surrounding myself with encouraging quotes and positive affirmations, I’ve decided to give such messages more focus in some of my art.  Including the printed word into my art is nothing new, but often the text is subtle.  I’m playing around with some new pieces.  My hope is that my art would bring encouragement to those who desire it.  Here is a preview:

P1170333 P1170334P1170337

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