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Savoring this Simple Sweet Morning…


A snapshot of my Monday morning: September 25

With cold drizzle draping Golden, Colorado….I am willingly absorbed in a book…cradling my coffee cup, which resists keeping hot…listening to Island Songs…lovely haunting music, playing like syrup through my headphones….I savor it…I savor it all…

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Staying Grounded on the Move



We’ve been packing up and moving every couple of weeks.  This quick pace makes for exciting travel and gives us the opportunity to explore fantastic new sites, but it can become disorienting.  Honestly, I hadn’t any forethought about this potential side-effect of nomadic living.  I was gobbling up new experiences without any cognizance of needing to stay connected along the way.  Who focuses on planting roots while purposely f Read the rest of this entry »

Thank You 2016

Today, we ended the year with a peaceful family walk in Gulf State Park.  The air smelled of fresh vegetation and ocean breezes.  We listened to birds chirping, paused at the still water to observe the sights and sounds, and even saw an alligator emerging from the tall grasses next to the trail (which made my daughter squeal and run away). I smiled as I watched my kids hold hands, I felt grateful for my loving husband, and I appreciated this whole experience.  The walk was a simple yet satisfying way to tie up the year.  2016 has been life-changing and wonderful.  We started January by buying a fifth wheel, uncertain about our future plans, and are finishing the year living out a dream.  Through all of the ups and downs, I feel blessed.  I’ve learned that pushing past fear and jumping into the unknown far surpasses holding tight to the illusion of a safe life.  Be willing to fail.  Take risks.  Follow your bliss.  Say no to regret and see what unfolds.

Morning Walk, Gulf Shores

While my family slept,  I slipped out for an early walk.  Once out the door, I was met with the morning fog, smelling strongly of the sea.  Here are some images from my stroll down to the beach and back.

Be the Light

A smile or a kind word can make all the difference for someone whose day needs brightening, so shine on!


Follow Your Bliss

Here’s a little inspiration and a splash of color to brighten your day…


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