Staying Grounded on the Move

by Alissa



We’ve been packing up and moving every couple of weeks.  This quick pace makes for exciting travel and gives us the opportunity to explore fantastic new sites, but it can become disorienting.  Honestly, I hadn’t any forethought about this potential side-effect of nomadic living.  I was gobbling up new experiences without any cognizance of needing to stay connected along the way.  Who focuses on planting roots while purposely flowing through life?  Not I.  Well, it caught up with me.  I noticed I was feeling “off” without knowing why.  Seemingly insignificant things had me feeling anxious, which is not my normal state.  I try not to ignore the messages my body sends me, so I listened.  Apparently, I had lost my grounding.  Caught up in this adventure, I had dismissed my fundamental human need for connection and stability.  I was uprooted. Thankfully, with a strong dose of Reiki and good advice, I got back in balance and it feels wonderful.  When I arrive at a new destination, I will now take time to pause and connect with that place.  I added aromatherapy to my routine (I purchased Aura Cacia Grounding Root Roll-On at the delightful General Store & Mercantile in Adairsville, GA).  This week, I spent hours needle felting a small tree to keep me thinking grounding thoughts.  I call it my “grounding tree”.  Mindfulness, self-care, and reaching out are so very important to all of us as we travel through life.