Barber Marina

by Alissa


Our friends, Kip and Brian, took the kids and me to the Barber Marina today, a favorite destination of theirs.  The road to the marina offered a quiet drive through stretches of Southern Longleaf Pine.  We were told to keep our eyes peeled, because there are unexpected sculptures nestled among the trees.  Our first stop was the fiberglass Stonehenge replica, known as Bamahenge, which is built to scale and aligned with the summer solstice.

We saw various dinosaurs and even an alligator:

The Lady in the Lake lounges serenely in the water among the boats at the marina, as if it is perfectly normal to be doing so.

We also saw a fountain and knights in the woods before grabbing a bite to eat while watching dolphins swim.  Our visit through the marina was entertaining and unlike anything I’d seen before.