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Month: October, 2014

T-Shirt Toss

bin of t-shirts

There is a plastic storage bin in our closet moonlighting as a stand for our floor-length mirror.  Its true purpose is to hold once-worn t-shirts.  The plan was to repurpose the shirts into a t-shirt quilt.  That sounds great, right?  We have a bunch of sentimental shirts we don’t wear any longer, so making them into a usable item, such as a quilt, seemed clever.  Lately, I’ve been thinking, though, about whether I would actually love this quilt.  Would it just be another item full of sentiment but under appreciated by me?  I think so.  Therefore, I’ve decided to say goodbye to the shirts.  I’m not saying goodbye to the memories Read the rest of this entry »

Rounded Fairy House

I enjoy making fairy/gnome houses for my kids to play with.  Because of this, we seem to have a small fairy village starting to grow in our house.  I love offering my children handmade toys which spark their imaginations.  Here is my latest creation, which my daughter really likes and is antsy to play with.   I made the roof removable so that she could easily move her dolls and furniture in and out.

Inner Child

fairy table and chair

fairy table and chair

My kids keep my inner child alive and well.  They both have beautiful imaginations which nourish my own.  On this warm Read the rest of this entry »

Have a Good Cry. Don’t Buy.

Yesterday began like any other Tuesday.  Then, a friend called and told me her happy news.  She’s expecting her third child.  Immediately following my excitement for her, I was slapped in the face with my own disappointment.  Why?  Can I be honest and vulnerable here?  Last year, I was given a wonderful gift.  I became pregnant.  It would have been our third child and I was elated (after the initial shock wore off).  Sadly, I miscarried.  It crushed me and I cried for days.  I felt like my heart had been Read the rest of this entry »

One-Car Family!


My son wanted to say one last “goodbye” to the car

We are officially a one-car family as of today! For months, we’ve discussed the idea of going from two cars to one.  Here was our thinking: Dan already commutes to work by bike or bus during the week.  We live on a bus route and are conveniently close to downtown, which makes the commute easier.  I stay home during the week and use one car to run errands and go on Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of Walking

my daughter walking with her aunt

my daughter walking with her aunt

I love taking long leisurely walks.  I suppose I’ve always enjoyed walking and seeing the world at a slower pace.  It is a time to collect my thoughts, exercise my body, stay grounded, and maintain my overall well-being.  Like many people, though, I am also guilty of being too busy to “stop and smell the roses” at times.  I hope I never forget how wonderful a stroll can be.  When Read the rest of this entry »

Wardrobe Under 100!

As part of my journey of simplicity, I have been chipping away at my wardrobe…slowly but surely.   Participating in Project 333 has helped me tremendously.  Each season, I count up all of my clothing and accessory items to be sure the overall total hasn’t increased.  The tally had been hovering above 100 for months.  I kept whittling away, focusing on the goal of a simpler, tidier, more streamlined wardrobe filled with the clothes I actually love wearing.  Gone is the habit of stashing an unadored shirt or Read the rest of this entry »

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