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Woodland Watercolor

I had a bit of fun today watercoloring this little woodland creature with a mushroom cap atop his head as well as a young fairy.

Pensacola Naval Base and Lighthouse


If you are near Pensacola, you should make time to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum (the largest in the world).  It is free, but you’ll need your ID to get inside.  You can spend the day viewing the many restored military aircraft, walk down the street of a 1940s town, try out the flight simulators, and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Nature Study on the Gulf

The kids and I ventured down to the beach this morning with sketchbooks and pencils for a bit of nature study.  My son drew a clump of seaweed (with a fly on it), my daughter sketched seashells, and I did quick studies of the sea birds.  Keeping a nature study notebook (an idea gleaned from the wisdom of Charlotte Mason) is such a delight.  I love watching my children quietly observe the natural world around them and record their findings in their notebooks.

Gulf Coast Zoo and the Beach

While staying in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we’ve visited the little Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo more than a few times.  It is conveniently located only blocks away from our RV park and the kids enjoy feeding the animals (you can purchase food for $2 per cup to feed certain Read the rest of this entry »

Barber Marina


Our friends, Kip and Brian, took the kids and me to the Barber Marina today, a favorite destination of theirs.  The road to the marina offered a quiet drive through stretches of Read the rest of this entry »

Roof Repairs, Dodging a Storm, & Exploring Fairhope

We’ve been staying in Gulf Shores, Alabama since mid-November, but we had to uproot ourselves and take our fifth wheel in for roof repairs on Monday, January 2.  We had discovered a roof leak after a heavy rain storm and it required more than a quick fix. Packing up and moving our home is a hassle.  Everything must be put away and secured for the drive (basically, it must be made earthquake-proof for bouncing down the road).  The stools must be stowed, toys put into bins, countertops cleared, bikes stored, coffee mugs wrapped, slides pulled in, tire covers folded away, and so on.

Only a few hours after we left town and dropped off our RV at the repair shop, a violent storm unexpectedly came through Gulf Shores.  By the time it hit, we were safe and cozy in Read the rest of this entry »

Beach Moments


I love this photo of me with the kids because it captures a moment of pure silliness. I was giggling trying to take this photo while the wind whipped my hair around and the Read the rest of this entry »

Tiny Christmas Tree

We found a cute Christmas tree the perfect size for an RV.  It even came with a mini string of lights.  You’d think we were getting a full-size tree based on how excited the kids were to get it home and decorate.  Here is more proof that simplicity doesn’t trump joy.

Slowing Down Each Day


This afternoon, while my son took a nap and my daughter read quietly in her room, I pulled out my needle felting supplies.  By the way, we’ve kept nap time a routine since my daughter was a baby.  She’s nine years old now.  I love our afternoon quiet time and hope to never outgrow it.  I find it necessary to make time for relaxing.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I nap, and sometimes I create.  Today, I chose to needle felt, which is an activity I find very soothing to the soul.  You can’t rush forming the wool one needle poke at a time.  Needle felting is a slow, but intuitive, gentle process.  It is an activity which requires me to calm my body and quiet my mind…to be present, yet playful.  One item I finished was a wee little creation made from a broken walnut shell, Read the rest of this entry »

Thank You, Everyday Paleo!

Apple Flowers make for a healthy, fun snack that my kids love

an Apple Flower is a healthy fun snack that my kids love

Roughly two years ago, I read “Primal Body Primal Mind” by Nora Gedgaudas.  It changed my life.  With enthusiasm, I ditched the starches and sugars embedded in my diet and opted for grass-fed butter and meat, pastured eggs, raw nuts, and lots of organic leafy greens.  My body was loving it all, but I got bored eating the same dishes over and over.  I struggled for more diversity in my meal plan. That is when Sarah Fragoso came to the rescue (though she is certainly unaware of her great Read the rest of this entry »

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