Goodbye Gulf Shores, Alabama

by Alissa


We spent a wonderful two months at Luxury RV Resort in the town of Gulf Shores, Alabama but we have since moved on to Florida.  The RV park was quiet, clean, staffed with great people, and easily accommodated large rigs like ours.  The only downside I could think of would be the sand (it got everywhere and quickly became our nemesis).  We loved being right next to the tranquil Wade Ward Nature Park so that we could watch pelicans, herons, songbirds, fish, crabs and other wildlife from the boardwalk when we pleased.  The beach was only a 10 minute walk down the road and it was beautiful.  There were plenty of shops and fantastic restaurants nearby.  Let’s say we got a bit spoiled.

The owner of the RV park, Pat, always greeted us with a smile and Mary Dean brought sweetness and laughter to the office.  My children befriended the patient and generous Barbara, who also worked in the office.  The kids were always eager to show her their new drawings, shells they’d discovered, or just chat.  Often, they’d arrive early in front of the office, just to greet her when she got to work.  They’ll miss her.

We made plenty of friends during our stay, which made it harder to leave.  Often, we were the only family with children in the park, but we felt welcomed among the snowbirds and part of the community.   For example, the kids and I were invited to join the crafting group, where a fellow RVer, Kathy, kindly taught my daughter to use the knitting loom.

A friend of ours, from back home, asked my daughter if she had made any friends.  She answered “yes”.  When asked how old her new friends were, she replied nonchalantly, “Oh…50, 60, 70”.   Another time, my daughter was asked what she liked about being around older people.  She answered, “I like them because they are nice and have good advice to share”.  Hearing that made my heart smile.  1127161713a

We made many good memories here.  The sun is setting on this chapter as a new one begins.  Thank you Alabama and everyone at Luxury RV for a lovely memorable time.