Slowing Down Each Day

by Alissa


This afternoon, while my son took a nap and my daughter read quietly in her room, I pulled out my needle felting supplies.  By the way, we’ve kept nap time a routine since my daughter was a baby.  She’s nine years old now.  I love our afternoon quiet time and hope to never outgrow it.  I find it necessary to make time for relaxing.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I nap, and sometimes I create.  Today, I chose to needle felt, which is an activity I find very soothing to the soul.  You can’t rush forming the wool one needle poke at a time.  Needle felting is a slow, but intuitive, gentle process.  It is an activity which requires me to calm my body and quiet my mind…to be present, yet playful.  One item I finished was a wee little creation made from a broken walnut shell, wool roving, and textured yarn.  I gave it to my daughter after our quiet time ended.  She thanked me and bounced away with it cradled in her hands, wearing a joyful smile.  I couldn’t help but smile in return.  Life can get busy quickly, so don’t underestimate the power of slowing down each day.

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