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Goodbye Gulf Shores, Alabama


We spent a wonderful two months at Luxury RV Resort in the town of Gulf Shores, Alabama but we have since moved on to Florida.  The RV park was quiet, clean, staffed with great people, and easily accommodated large rigs like ours.  The only downside I could Read the rest of this entry »

Nature Study on the Gulf

The kids and I ventured down to the beach this morning with sketchbooks and pencils for a bit of nature study.  My son drew a clump of seaweed (with a fly on it), my daughter sketched seashells, and I did quick studies of the sea birds.  Keeping a nature study notebook (an idea gleaned from the wisdom of Charlotte Mason) is such a delight.  I love watching my children quietly observe the natural world around them and record their findings in their notebooks.

Beach Moments


I love this photo of me with the kids because it captures a moment of pure silliness. I was giggling trying to take this photo while the wind whipped my hair around and the Read the rest of this entry »

Morning Walk, Gulf Shores

While my family slept,  I slipped out for an early walk.  Once out the door, I was met with the morning fog, smelling strongly of the sea.  Here are some images from my stroll down to the beach and back.

Going South

We did it!  On the morning of November 13, we awoke early and scampered around the house, collecting our remaining belongings to pack into the RV.  It took longer than anticipated, but thankfully our friend, Connor, offered his help.  We drove south, saying goodbye to Denver.

We drove south through Colorado and into New Mexico.  The scenery in New Mexico was beautiful – the many layers of colored earth paired with various grasses would have Read the rest of this entry »

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