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Interview with 7 News Denver



I was privileged to participate in a segment on 7 News Denver about the benefits of simplifying one’s wardrobe.



T-Shirt Toss

bin of t-shirts

There is a plastic storage bin in our closet moonlighting as a stand for our floor-length mirror.  Its true purpose is to hold once-worn t-shirts.  The plan was to repurpose the shirts into a t-shirt quilt.  That sounds great, right?  We have a bunch of sentimental shirts we don’t wear any longer, so making them into a usable item, such as a quilt, seemed clever.  Lately, I’ve been thinking, though, about whether I would actually love this quilt.  Would it just be another item full of sentiment but under appreciated by me?  I think so.  Therefore, I’ve decided to say goodbye to the shirts.  I’m not saying goodbye to the memories Read the rest of this entry »

Wardrobe Under 100!

As part of my journey of simplicity, I have been chipping away at my wardrobe…slowly but surely.   Participating in Project 333 has helped me tremendously.  Each season, I count up all of my clothing and accessory items to be sure the overall total hasn’t increased.  The tally had been hovering above 100 for months.  I kept whittling away, focusing on the goal of a simpler, tidier, more streamlined wardrobe filled with the clothes I actually love wearing.  Gone is the habit of stashing an unadored shirt or Read the rest of this entry »

Project 333

Do you look into your closet and feel overwhelmed?  I used to feel that way, too.  Perhaps it is time to simplify your choices.  For the past couple of years, I have participated in Project 333, started by Courtney Carver.  Basically, every three months I pick out 33 items of my clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry to include in my wardrobe for that season.  The rest of my clothes are tucked away in my dresser drawers for the next round.  If you’re telling yourself that is great for you, but I could never do it, don’t be so quick.  If 33 items doesn’t seem like enough for you, change the number.  If you don’t want to count shoes, don’t (I didn’t count jewelry this time).  If you are serious about giving it a try, though, I suggest checking out Courtney’s starter course.  More people are growing tired of excess and desiring simplicity in their lives.  This desire to minimize one’s possessions and distractions is catching on.

The Denver Post interviewed me recently for an article about simplifying your wardrobe: http://www.denverpost.com/smart/ci_25959708/minimalist-clothing-challenge-spurs-closet-clean-outs



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