A Wandering We Shall Go

by Alissa


For some time now, we’ve been itching to do some traveling.  It’s not because we can’t stand our house (I love our house) or because we are feeling stuck in a rut (we’re content with our lives).  Rather, it’s about wanting to step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.  It’s about feeling really alive and not having regrets.  It’s about making memories as a family and taking healthy risks that bring us even closer together.  So….after many discussions and saving up money, we bought a fifth wheel (gulp), bought a truck (gulp), and took RV driving lessons (gulp. gulp).

Over the summer, we took a couple of trips to give the RV experience a try.  We settled into our mobile abode nicely.  Sure, there were some bumps in the road (occasional grumpy moods) but the pros outweighed the cons.  The kids loved the freedom to explore, we all enjoyed visiting new places, nobody missed the extra household chores, and we felt more connected as a family.

Convinced to take the leap, we’ve been rapidly paring down our possessions and preparing for life on the road.  We are going to rent our house and head south for the winter to begin our family traveling adventure.  That is about as far as we’ve planned.  We are trying to stay open to what the future holds.  Having four people living so closely together, we know ups and downs are to be expected.  Work and school will continue once we’re on the road.  Life will happen, though the scenery will change, and we are all eager to see where this path takes us!