Owner’s Manuals…Goodbye!

by Alissa

Today, I opened a box labeled “owner’s manuals and parts” which was tucked away in our basement closet.  What is even in here and do we need all of it? I wondered.  My husband and I started going through it and quickly found manuals to items we no longer owned.  Those papers went directly into the recycling bin.  Then there were the manuals to items we do still own.  But, do we need a manual telling us how to install a ceiling fan, which we’ve already installed?  Do we still need to hold on to a manual showing us how to operate our toaster?  Life will probably go on without those.  We noticed that many manuals can be found online for appliances and electronics such as our washing machine, t.v., microwave, etc.  Realizing this, we tossed the contents of the entire box.  Goodbye box of owner’s manuals, and good riddance!