Challenge Yourself

by Alissa

I love speaking about simplifying my life and hearing how others are doing the same, so I decided to start this blog.  This is not my first blog, though.  Previously, our family started a challenge of going a week without buying plastic.  That week turned into roughly a year.  At the end of it, we kept some changes and tossed others.  For instance, we still buy Lush bar shampoo, have a small 1.3 gallon kitchen trash can, bring our own shopping bags to the store (most of the time), use less single purpose plastic disposables, buy recycled toilet paper, etc.  We also buy plastic these days, but less of it.  It was an eye-opening experience that changed us for the better.  Don’t be afraid of a challenge.  You can make your own rules and you can even break those rules.  You will learn something valuable either way.  Don’t let fear of failure stand in the way of growth.