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Encouraging Words in Art

I’ve been keeping myself busy painting in preparation for the upcoming Horseshoe Market on July 12th.  Being that I like surrounding myself with encouraging quotes and positive affirmations, I’ve decided to give such messages more focus in some of my art.  Including the printed word into my art is nothing new, but often the text is subtle.  I’m playing around with some new pieces.  My hope is that my art would bring encouragement to those who desire it.  Here is a preview:

P1170333 P1170334P1170337

Studio Time

Today, my kids and I spent most of our time in and around the studio (which is directly behind our house).  I was planning on having time to work on some new paintings (alone), though the kids had a different idea.  They eagerly wanted to paint, too.  Honestly, I wanted to say “sorry, I’m busy right now”, but I ended up spending the morning giving them painting lessons before beginning my own work.  This was my son’s first time at the easel and he was rearing to go.  It was a joy to see his focus and to watch my daughter’s creativity unfold.  Sometimes our kids can get in the way of our plans, but we should remember that teaching them new skills and spending time with them is far more worthwhile.  We are creating memories when we stop to paint with them, let them help cook dinner, take the time to read them a book, and so forth.  I’m not saying it is always easy, but you’ll never regret the time you invest in your children.  Reminder to self: say “yes” more than “no” when my kids need my focused attention.


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